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Homepage   (?) Homepage ( Operational
SMR Docs   (?) Documentation site for SMR Services and Products. ( Operational
FeedIt Site   (?) Control Panel for the FeedIt Discord Bot. ( Operational
SMR Accounts   (?) The Identity Provider responsible for logging into all the SMR Services Operational
Heartbeat   (?) All these should be up for SMR Sites, Services, Products to run without any issues.
CDN   (?) CDN for static files like Logos etc ( Operational
CloudFlare   (?) CloudFlare is our DDoS protection provider and proxies all our traffic through their network Operational
SMR Ads   (?) Responsible for delivering ads across SMR Sites, Products and Services. (For internal use) Operational
SMR Analytics   (?) Responsible for creating analytics for SMR Sites, Services, Products. This being down might slow down load time of site. (For internal use) Operational
Site Server   (?) Server which hosts all the SMR sites. (For internal use) Operational
Bot Server   (?) Server which hosts all the SMR Bots. (For internal use) Operational
Discord Bots   (?) Bots designed by Sarvesh M Rao.
SMR Bot   (?) SMR Bot is an all rounder bot for Discord Operational
FeedIt   (?) A Discord Bot for delivering articles from RSS Feed. Operational

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